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been following the story throughout the night and has new information about the pilot. >> reporter: you can see her lights on are on there in the bay. but he's not going anywhere. the u.s. coast guard has her anchored near treasure island when it tries to figure out why the oil tanker hit the bay bridge. the ship gets a late-night inspection. the coast guard is investigating the integrity of the ship while it looks at why the oil tanker hit the bay bridge monday morning. >> there's no damage to the inner hull. >> reporter: the coast guard says the rear right side of the ship hit the fenders protecting tower six. guy cleese was the pilot in charge. you see a chunk of the fender ripped off and stuck to the ship. the impact did not damage the bridge.
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the double-hulled vessel is seaworthy with no leaks. but an oil spill response was activated just in case. >> whether it was human error or something else. >> reporter: the coast guard is focusing on finding out why the ship hit the bridge. there was fog, with a quarter-mile visibility. the coast guard was in contact with the ship just before impact. >> the vessel was under control of the pilot. and the ship captain. they were in an outbound transit. and the coast guard gave an advisory to those folks. >> the coast guard says it's reviewing audio tapes to find out more about the communication. guy cleese is an experienced oil rig captain. state records show in 2009, cleese ran aground, a 550-foot
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cargo ship in a sacramento shipping channel. and crashed a 600-foot cargo ship into a catwalk near stockton. in 2010, he was found at fault when a tugboat ran aground. a spokesperson says cleese passed an alcohol test and drug test results are pending. he is also scheduled to be interviewed by the coast guard tomorrow as this investigation continues. reporting live on treasure island, jean elle. now, for some, the collision was too familiar. you may remember about five years ago, the container ship crashed into the bay bridge, in thick fog. a crash that led to an environmental disaster. here's a look at the two bridge towers involved in both of the crashes. on the left is the echo tower that raj mentioned, that was hit today. it is closest to the island. that's close to delta tower, that was hit back in 2007.
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that ship spilled 53,000 gallons of oil into the bay, closing local beaches and contaminating thousands of birds and wildlife. investigators determined that the pilot navigating the ship was impaired by prescription drugs. ultimately, today's accident was a fender-bender. and there's massive fenders to help protect the bay bridge. there's wood and plastic fenders attached to the bridge's towers. 30 to 40 feet of the fenders were damaged and need to be replaced. the fenders have been in place since the 1930s. and were upgraded following the crash. for information on today's crash and to sign up for breaking news alerts, go to our website, nbc bay police arrested a san francisco man who they say poured gasoline on his
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girlfriend and set her on fire. officers from the sfpd special investigation and marshal service arrested him in a hotel. the 20-year-old girlfriend remains in critical condition in a san francisco hospital. she has severe burns to her face and chest. what could be justice after nearly 30 years. a cold case involving a young ethiopian woman who fled violence from her country to be killed in california may have been solved. there were no leads. until time, and tenacity turned the case around. george is in mountain view. >> this is where they sound saba girmai in a dumpster three
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decades ago. that's a long time. but family and friends may be finally getting answers. >> it's a bit of relief. we were wondering all years, who was the killer. >> reporter: after 28 long years, friends and family of saba girmai may finally be getting closure. mountain view police arrested 53-year-old daniel garcia of fresno on friday. >> i'm really happy that the day is going to have some relief. >> reporter: girmai's body was found on january 28th, 1985. girmai who was born in ethiopia, was a political refugee in sudan. she and her family moved to san jose to start a new life. garcia met girmai in an english language class. >> he was sharp. he was really sharp. >> reporter: the santa clara county district attorney's crime
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lab developed a dna profile from girmai's fingernails that was matched to garcia. >> i believe the community's safer having him behind bars. that's really where he should be. >> reporter: over the years, girmai's family and friends had doubts whether this case would ever be resolved. now, they want just one question answered. >> we were wondering all the time, why did he kill her? >> family and friends did not know garcia. they don't know if saba knew garcia. garcia was arrested and booked on suspicion of murder. investigators are painting a clearer picture of how a petaluma teenager turned up dead in a south lake tahoe snowbank. they say 19-year-old melissa byrne was disoriented when she left a music festival on new year's eve. it was less than 10 degrees that night.
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a utility worker found byrne's body on january 4th, not far from the concert venue. investigators do not suspect foul play. an autopsy has not been performed. but that could happen tomorrow. tests will determine if alcohol or drugs were in her system. gilmore place are looking for a possible child predator on the prowl. this was all playing out south. another driver who saw what was happening drove towards the van and the suspect left. that car is being described as a 2000 model ford minivan. he was described with short, black hair and a long mustache. police say he confessed to
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killing seven people at oikos university. that was the ruling after a second psychiatrist reported that 44-year-old one goh suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. he is accused of killing six students and a receptionist over tuition. until he is able to understand the case against him, he will not go to trial. goh's lawyer stressed his client was not trying to get out of this case altogether. >> he has suffered responsibility. the police -- this is really about his present mental status. and the constitution demands he be competent and able to understand rationally participate in the proceedings. and right now, he can't do that. >> goh is due back in court at the end of this month. at that time, a judge will decide which hospital he will be sent to for treatment. the court will be sent progress reports on his competency every
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90 days. a federal judge denied a request to shut down the nation's largest medical marijuana dispensary. a judge found that the locations have no right to action to force the dispensary out. last year, a u.s. attorney threatened to seize the property because they rent their cannabis operation. federal prosecutors filed a motion to dismiss that oakland case. it will be heard on january 31st. decision day could come for gay marriage this summer. the supreme court will hear two arguments of laws affecting gay marriage in march. the first is on prop 8 that voters approved in 2008. if the supreme court agrees that same-sex marriage could agree statewide it would happen in days within the decision. there's a state law for couples to denied benefits available to
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heterosexual couples. they're picky and hungry and paid to eat. it's the ultimate foody challenge. we'll show you the tasty task underway at one of the bay area's most secret labs. also -- >> it's an obvious cover-up scandal that people don't want to admit. also ahead, rewriting history. the wright brothers get plenty of credit for being aviation pioneers. who was behind that third flight? one group says it started with a man in the south bay. and it's the hottest show on the strip. scott budman in vegas gives us a sneak peek at an amazing camera. and we are tracking a dense fog advisory for the rest of tonight into tomorrow morning. with some of the worst commuting from the north bay to the south bay. even including the east bay. and that air quality is going to suffer.
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temperatures rise and a spare the air date for tuesday.
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the wright brothers, is a name synonymous with aviation were over a century. but another group is trying to get another name out there. a bay area name. a man credited with one of the real first aviators in the country, created here, could be headed to hollywood. we have the story at 11:00. >> everybody dreams of flying. and this was the first person who dreamed of flying and went and did something about it. >> reporter: ask bay area pilot gooden, who should be in the
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history books as the first to fly. to him, wright is the wrong answer. >> the wright brothers wanted to protect their patent. they would tell a story that left out montgomery. >> don't want to admit there is a scandal going on. there is something to talk about. and we're going to talk about it. >> reporter: in what they hope will be a multimillion-dollar feature film, make sure kids know the game of john j. montgomery. replicas of montgomery's gliders are featured in the museum. the man was the first to fly a heavier than air glider. giving a santa clara alum is using kickstarter to fund raise. he is using seed money to complete the story, reach in bay
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area history. >> there's a hill there. and he flew some of his glider flights out on that hill. >> reporter: a story and hopefully hollywood feature to spotlight the scope of innovation that was thriving in the bay area, long before silicon valley. >> there's something in the air here. we're following up on a story we brought you last week. the car pool showdown. a marin county man is trying to prove you can drive alone in a car pool lane. today, a judge denied a request to revoke a traffic ticket for driving solo. he wasn't alone in the car. he had his corporation papers with him. and since corporations are considered people, in the state of california, he says he did, in fact, have another person in that car with him. the judge, though, disagreed, citing the intent of the law.
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freeman plans to appeal today's decision. now, to a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. we have plenty of tvs. but the tvs are a little different. >> they get paid to eat. they are picky. and they are proud of it. and their taste buds influence many of the everyday food products we eat. >> jam. >> reporter: the planet's pickiest eaters. are not your children. >> strawberries. >> reporter: they are grown adults. >> much less strawberry. >> reporter: paid to be brutally honest. about the food we buy in the supermarket. this is the kind of feedback food manufacturers crave. >> i don't care if i like the food at all. that's not the point. i have to describe what's there. >> reporter: a yogurtmaker, baked bean company. and some of the most recognizable brands pay
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livermore's food lab thousands of dollars to rip apart their products in blind taste tests against competitors. so they can improve flavor, and shelf life. >> they come to us for the truth. they come to us for science. >> they say, we need someone to tell us what this product tastes like. and how it smells and what it looks like and what its texture is. but we get very consistent, almost machine-like terms. >> the food that comes into the lab mirrors what americans are buying or eating. remember the '90s, when everything had to be fat-free. that trend gave way to products that are organic and all-natural. now, the food tasters are encountering food that's free of sodium and gluten-free. >> looking at the formula, puts it on the shelf. it really doesn't happen that way. the food companies are working on something all the time to make sure it's the most competitive product out there.
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>> reporter: professional taste testers are hired for not only their acute taste and smell. but ability to verbalize what they observe. >> things they might not notice, they can key in on. >> reporter: the next time you give thanks at a meal, thanks these ladies, as well. they're doing this. so you don't have to. in livermore, nbc bay area news. >> that answered one of our questions. the national food lab in livermore, get ready. they need some help. they're looking for volunteers to take part in the taste test. >> you barely eat. >> i'm a picky eater. >> i'll go for the test. we'll go together. >> we'll car pool. >> i'm afraid i'd eat everything and not too much of a say. let's look.
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santa rosa, 43. it's cold outside. 42 in novato. and 41 in san jose. not as cool as it was last night. but numbers will continue to go down. that will keep the fog continuing to develop here. visibility, a quarter-mile or less. in santa rosa, three miles or less. it's likely the north bay back to the east bay, where you find your toughest commute as we head throughout your tuesday morning commute. let's take you outside right now on this monday evening. you see in san jose, most you're viewing is haze in the center of your screen across the silicon valley. high pressure aloft. that's going to produce poor air quality tomorrow. spare the air alert. and in san francisco, we're looking at clear skies. but we can't rule out areas of patchy fog. let's get you into the weather boards. we have a huge dome of cold air on the pacific. it's so cold, it's going to drop temperatures from 10 to 20
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degrees in some locations for the next 2 to 3 days. but we have at least one more day left of high pressure sitting offshore. that's going to provide mild weather. you're not going to need the shorts tomorrow. it's not going to get hot. but widespread temperatures in the 60s in the east and south bay. the interior is going to be real nice tomorrow as soon as we get over the fog. wednesday, temperatures are going to start to drop. and even colder again, as we head throughout thursday. let's get you into tomorrow morning. 39 in santa rosa. 42 in san rafael. 40 in napa. and 43? san jose. with the dense fog advisory. you want to take it slow as you head out tomorrow morning. for tuesday, we'll see daytime highs top out at 62. santa rosa. 63 walnut creek. 64, livermore. 62 down into san jose. with some sunny skies by the afternoon. by thursday, that's right. snow expected in the bay area.
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it could go down to 1,000 feet. these spots could get a light dusting as you get a cold blast of air across the bay area. on the seven-day forecast, you're going to find clear skies. thousanders by wednesday. the dusting of snow by thursday morning across the bay area. and look at the daytime highs. mid-60s to 50 on thursday for the interior valley. and likely, we're going to see widespread 40s. winter's here, for sure. >> thanks for the heads-up. who has the best assignment in the nbc newsroom? what happens in vegas might end up on your smartphone.
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it takes all kinds of good to make a family. at new york life, everything we do is to help you keep good going. no one's asleep. vegas is buzzing. we're hours away from the biggest technology show in the world.
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the consumer electronics show, ces, is larger than ever. but one of the topics is very small. >> and scott budman is in vegas with the first look for you. >> reporter: one of the silicone valley companies making waves in vegas, is the company that lets you perspective shift. tell me what that means. >> the perspective gives you the ability to change the center of perspective after the fact. it's like peeking around the object a little bit to get a little sense of what's going on in 3d. it's known for changing the foe cos. >> it's a software update only. you can view them and interact with them on mobile divorces. iphones, ipads. >> you can move them around. >> you can move your finger or the accelerometer. >> that's awesome. and for those who don't know.
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>> the camera is $399 and $499. >> we'll have more from ces starting tomorrow morning from las vegas. i'm scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> make sure we're there for you, scott. health news for you, now. news about high blood pressure what doctors have been looking out to ward off dementia. there's new information that by fighting one, you may fight the other. people who take beta blockers have fewer brain abnormalities. researchers studded 800 brains. they had taken beta blockers had less brain shrinking than those who didn't. the findings could be important for dementia prevention. let's bring in henry from our comcast sports net newsroom. how the 49ers expect to stop aaron rodgers and the packers.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. saturday is show time for the 49ers. a win against the green bay packers would land the niners in the nfc championship game. san francisco's top priority is stopping aaron rogers. it's a very tough task. but the 49ers defense is ranked third in the league. and they're ready to rattle the reigning mvp. >> i think he's a little more comfortable in the pocket. he's had a lot more plays. and he's one of the most familiar quarterbacks in the nfl. he definitely has improved from week one. >> aaron rodgers does a great job of disguising things and looking safeties and cornerbacks off. we just have to have our discipline and try to stay on top of those guys and make it as hard as we can for him. over to college football.
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the guys on the farm could use a couple of tight ends. zach ertz has decided to forgo his final year of eligible and declare for the draft. ertz led the team in receptions, receiving yards and touchdowns. he's a potential first-round pick. also, his teammate, lavigne is leaving school early to enter the nfl draft. best of luck to those guys. over to the bcs national championship game. notre dame and alabama. first possession of the game. and he's gone. 20-yard t.d. run. 'bama, they outrushed notre dame. there goes lacy again. the big fella did it his way. basically, a blowout from start to finish. 34-yard touchdown right there, caps a 97-yard td.
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tide roll. the third championship in the last four years.
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they're packing up. san francisco's famed science museum has started a very big move. they started transporting explore exhibits. it's moving from the palace of fine arts to its new home at pier 68. the move is going to be tricky. it will take a few weeks to complete. the opening will be in april. the microsoft campus in mountain view was robbed over the holidays. what did the burglars take? only the apple products. the thieves raided three microsoft offices and they took a bunch of ipads. no microsoft products were reported stolen. but from what i understand,
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microsoft makes a great tablet. let's check in with jeff for a look at tomorrow. >> cold, some dense fog. dense fog advisory for the east bay and south bay. we're going to get showers wednesday night and thursday. it could go so cold we'll get snow at 1,000 feet by thursday morning. >> thanks for joining us tonight. jay leno's next. >> see you tomorrow. bye-bye. ♪
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[ female announcer ] no more paper coupons. no more paper lists. [ dog barking ] ♪ no more paper anything. safeway presents just for u. ♪ save more. save easier. saving more, starts now. just for u on the safeway app. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes bill maher, from "snooki and jwoww," nicole polizzi and jenni farley, the music of miguel, and "headlines."
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and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television captions by vitac ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: hi, everybody! thank you! welcome to "the tonight show," folks! it's not official. it's not official. but it looks like the four-month hockey strike may be over. [ cheers and applause ] of course, if it's not over and you still want to see a team score only once every 16 shots, you can go watch the lakers. so it will work out okay. [ cheers ] >> rickey: yeah! >> jay: man! sounds like there's trouble in
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